Our Technology
Giving Scientists Superpowers
Spring's world-leading engine for finding therapies for diseases of aging combines an automated lab generating terabytes of high-throughput microscopy and proteomic data, a machine learning-powered map that sheds light on hundreds of cell behaviors, and a novel view of the immune system's changes as we age.
Experiment Engine
Our discovery engine starts with Anvil, an automated lab and software system that runs one of the most powerful high-throughput assays in the world.
Coupling high-content imaging with high-throughput proteomics, Anvil measures hundreds of cell behaviors across thousands of conditions in every experiment.
Lab robotics, high-dimensional data capture, experimental execution software, and quality control automation are all orchestrated with the aim of continuously generating data for machine learning-powered insights.
ML-Powered Software
MegaMap's software gives scientists the superpowers laying at the intersection of human intuition and machine learning.
Fueled by a suite of machine learning models measuring hundreds of imaging and proteomics features, MegaMap lets scientists explore the most comprehensive cellular models of complex diseases in the world.
Scientists accelerate programs with deeper understanding of on-target actions, off-target effects, and safety signals in an explorable interface that unifies cellular function, morphology, metabolomics, proteomics, spatial interactions, and more.
Play around with MegaMap in this interactive walkthrough of its capabilities.
Helping scientists ask the hardest questions and get fast answers
Aging Signature
Lymphocyte Signature
Monocyte Signature
% T Cells
# T Cells
% Cytotoxic Lymphocytes
# Cytotoxic Lymphocytes
% Monocytes
# Monocytes
% Activated Monocytes
# Activated Monocytes
% Macrophage
# Macrophage
% Dendritic Cells
# Dendritic Cells
% Nuclei Damaged
# Nuclei Damaged
% Dying Macrophages
# Dying Macrophages
% Dying T Cells
# Dying T Cells
% Apoptotic Cells
# Apoptotic Cells
Fragmented Nucleus
Pyknotic Nucleus
Kidney-Shaped Nucleus
Maximum Radius
Mean Radius
Form Factor
Activator 1
Inhibitor 1
Drug 394
Drug 991
Drug 776
Drug 911
Drug 430
Drug 265
Drug 488
Drug 913
Drug 516
Drug 142
Drug 288
Immune Compass
Novel Immune Measurement
Immune Compass offers a novel view of the immune system as we develop diseases of aging — including innate immune system dysfunction, inflammatory dysfunction, and more.
Anvil's single-cell phenotypic imaging and cytokine data are combined with MegaMap's machine learning insights into one powerful immune assay — offering unique, high-throughput screening technology for immune-related therapies.
Our Science
See the manuscripts, videos, and blog posts explaining the science behind Spring's technology.
PartnershipsSpring's technology is being used in many different therapeutic areas with a range of partners, and we're open to more. We're excited to discuss both strategic collaborations and software licensing with biotechs, pharma companies, and academic research groups looking for novel biological insights or tools to accelerate their searches. Contact us.
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